Who are we?

The Hampton Regional Leisure Services Committee (HRLSC) is a dedicated group of volunteers who foster the enhancement of leisure services for the greater Hampton region for the health and well-being of the people of our region.


What areas are included in the greater Hampton region?

The greater Hampton region includes the Local Service Districts of Hampton, Kingston, Norton, Springfield, Upham and the Town of Hampton.


Who can be a member?

Membership is open to Local Service Districts and/or Municipalities located within the greater Hampton region.


How is the membership selected?

Participating areas appoint up to two (2) representatives to allow for equal representation through their Local Service District Advisory Committee or Municipal Council. Ideally, one (1) representative sits on the Local Service District Advisory Committee or Municipal Council and the other representative has an interest in leisure services.


Do participating areas have equal representation and vote?

Yes, each participating area has equal representation and vote, regardless of its size. Participating areas can each have two (2) representatives with one (1) vote among them.


How is the HRLSC funded?

The HRLSC is cost shared by its members based on a funding formula (50% population and 50% property assessment) established by the Department of Environment and Local Government.


How often does the HRLSC meet?

The HRLSC meets on a monthly basis.


What has the HRLSC accomplished?

The HRLSC conducted a three (3) year pilot project to investigate the developmental process of regional leisure services and hired a Regional Coordinator. The pilot project final report can be found online at www.townofhampton.ca.


What is the focus of the HRLSC?

The HRLSC strives to enhance leisure services for the greater Hampton region through collaboration, communication, cooperation, awareness, infrastructure, and capacity building for the health and well-being of the people of our region.


Is the HRLSC looking at the state of the leisure infrastructure in our region?

The HRLSC seeks to coordinate and promote a physical environment that has safe, accessible, sustainable, well cared for and well used natural and built leisure infrastructure to meet the needs of the people of our region. An inventory of our natural and built infrastructure is being compiled for the future development of a facility lifecycle plan for the region.


What is the role of the HRLSC in regional leisure infrastructure projects?

The HRLSC provides assistance to its members with the public engagement process in assessing the desire for regional infrastructure.


Why be involved in the HRLSC?

The HRLSC has created a community of common interest and its’ members enjoy the benefit of:

  • Collective decision-making opportunities, an equal voice and equal say;
  • Information, knowledge, resource, and skill exchange/sharing opportunities;
  • Enhanced access to resources, tools, and support;
  • Coordinated and unified leisure services communications throughout the region;
  • Discovery of avenues to build capacity through ongoing collaboration and cooperation;
  • A strengthened voice in promoting and raising awareness of leisure services; and
  • Leadership and support of the Regional Coordinator.

We truly are the region looking out for leisure services for the region.


What is the role of the Regional Coordinator?

The Regional Coordinator is to provide leadership and support to the greater Hampton region in creating a stronger regional approach to leisure services. The HRLSC sets and monitors the work of the Regional Coordinator.

Contact the Regional Coordinator by phoning (506) 832-6418 or emailing nreid@rsc8.ca.


How do I to get involved?

Contact your Local Service District Advisory Committee, Municipal Council, or the HRLSC to ensure representation for your area is in place.

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