The Regional Service Commission 8 has published a series of brochures and guides. The brochures were designed to provide information on a wide range of issues that are important in the Regional Service Commission 8. The guides are intended to help the public with their questions relating to any development of their property.

These brochures and guides present the most important aspects to consider before undertaking any development in the area served by the Regional Service Commission 8. Where there maybe any conflict between this brochure and existing legislation, the latter prevails.



Thinking About Doing Some Construction On Your Property?

Using Land Use Planning To Preserve Our Agriculture Heritage

Using Sustainable Community Design To Reduce The Impacts Of Residential Sprawl


Water Brochures

1 Talking About Water – Protecting Our Surface Water

2 Talking About Water – Learning About Wetlands

3 Talking About Water – Not Taking Groundwater For Granted

4 Talking About Water – Stormwater Management

5 Talking About Water - Floodplains



Permits Issued by the Regional Service Commission 8

Rezoning, Variances, & Adjustments

Subdividing Your Land