Illegal Dumping

The Regional Service Commission 8 encourages residents to report illegal dumping sites in their communities on a regular basis. When possible, the Commission will partner with Government departments, landowners and private contractors to clean up the reported sites and post “NO – Illegal Dumping” signs provided by the Province.

Our objective is not only to clean up illegal dump sites but also to educate the public on the negative impact of illegal dumping and the importance of reporting illegal sites.

In recent years the Commission, with support of the Environmental Trust Fund, has cleaned up sites on the:

Sears Road/Parleeville Road - 27.02 tonnes
Village of Norton - 10.27 tonnes
Millbrook Road - 17,900 kgs
Lisson Settlement Road - 390kgs
Marshall Hill Road - 250 kgs
Knightville/Venning Road - 4,440 kgs
Shoreline clean-up - .22 tonnes
Portage Vale Road site #1 - 1.33 tonnes
Portage Vale Road site #2 - 1.97 tonnes
Davidson Road site #1 - 1.6 tonnes
Davidson Road site #2 - .86 tonnes
Hatfield Point - 27.71 tonnes
Rogers Road - 7.45 tonnes


We at the Commission are very proud of the work we have done but also realize there may be work left to do!


We encourage the public to report illegal dumping by calling our office at:


or e-mail


illegal dumping brochure